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The before

Founded in 2001, GearXS began as a company selling consumer electronics and used computers at affordable prices. In 2011, GearXS sought to expand their business into other verticals (e.g., apparel, accessories, home goods, etc), and they needed a partner to assist with the transition and to support their vision.

At the time, GearXS was using osCommerce and a handful of antiquated systems and solutions provided by different vendors & carriers to handle the fulfillment load. With the current setup, GearXS was pushing the limits and capabilities fulfilling hundreds of orders per day with a 10,000 square feet facility. One of the prominent challenges presented was how to seamlessly integrate the front & back end operations while still maintaining a simple and scalable approach.

We decided to implement a custom solution that would fully accommodate the planned unique expansion as well as improve operational performance on the front and backend.


The during

Our methodology for GearXS was twofold: One, we focused on front-end branding, development, design, and user experience. Two, we implemented a custom ERP solution to support all aspects of supply chain operations.

Part One
Since the company was launching into a new phase, we knew the importance of branding for the success of the business, as branding provides legitimacy and establishes reputation. As a result, we designed a new logo for the company: a green alien. This logo symbolizes the new direction of the company and creates a bold, fun appeal. GearXS utilizes the logo for many different promotional needs while utilizing many variations of the logo themed for holidays and special events.

We then implemented a comprehensive renovation of their website, particularly to update the frontend and improve user experience. So we disbanded their old platform as it would not be optimal for their expansion. And we replaced it with a new and responsive website using Magento, which made their site device-friendly. The website was then integrated with different marketplaces and product feeds, and we also created an effective dropshipping program. Finally, to support new traffic quotas, we deployed a fully managed clustered hosting solution using Amazon web services (AWS).

Furthermore, we supplemented their new website with our digital marketing strategies. We launched an affiliate program; we spearheaded an email marketing system to support millions of email deliveries each month; and we maximized social media outlets through retargeting.

Part Two
Of course, optimizing backend operations, like always, was equally important for the success of the business. So we implemented a custom ERP solution to satisfy the company’s all-around supply chain needs. This included creating marketing analysis tools that fully integrated with the website; providing a fully featured purchasing module; establishing a seamless shipping system for a reduction in handling time; constructing a customer management system; implementing a full warehouse management module; fusing refund with all payment gateways; and building a drop shipping program that allows for aggregate orders from different companies.

Many of these custom features were developed by us from inception specifically to support the next phase of the business.


The after

We continue to see satisfying results with record sales and growth. In fact, the GearXS facility is now approaching a 100,000 square foot facility, fulfilling thousands of orders per day.


Key Integrations:

  • Custom ERP
  • UPS, DHL, FedEx
  • PayPal, Authorize, Braintree
  • Amazon Web Services

Increased in Visits


Increased Conversion


Increased User Engagement

Retargeting Campaigns

Engaging customers with the right ads across platforms and devices. Winning the best ad inventory on Google, Yahoo!, AppNexus, OpenX, and over 500 leading networks and exchanges.

Branding Evolution

From idea to sketch to a final brand. We had a great collaborative experience with the GearXS team as we explored different concepts and ideas. The final brand embodies the spirit and culture of GearXS.

Email Marketing

Leveraging user data to customize and deliver millions of emails per month. We deployed a fully integrated marketing platform coupled with A/B testing resulting in increase in deliverability, open rate, clicks and CTR.

Social Media

Stay up-to-date with our latest company news, and life blogsentries via your favorite social network services.