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“From the beginning, UNO Commerce has listened to our design, marketing, branding and technology needs – and has championed all of our initiatives with professionalism, competence, and above all a personal touch.”

The before 

As a site dedicated to exclusive deals within limited time frames for over half off the retail price, OverHalfSale asked us to lead the design and implementation process of updating their website platform, which needed to be able to sustain and manage peaks of high traffic from the hot deal events. Naturally, speed and ease of use were top priorities for the company, as promises of exclusivity and fast page loading times should coincide. So our team set out to transform the outmoded website into an online shopping experience for the best deals on the internet.

The during

Striving to improve user experience, we renovated their website to Magento, a robust eCommerce platform, that offers feature rich tools, allows for SEO solutions, and provides a device-friendly atmosphere. Users of this platform enjoy simple navigation and accessibility from a multitude of devices (e.g., desktop, mobile, table, etc). After the update to Magento, we implemented cross sell and upsell features to spark buyer interest in other suggested products after adding an item to the cart. We also provided email integration, including a mailing list and email campaign strategy.


The after

With simplistic functionality, sleek scroll, and fast loading time, OverHalfSale now offers an effortless online shopping experience. Customers trust OverHalfSale as the go-to place for the best deals on the internet. There have been more returning visitors and more customers at OverHalfSale than ever before.

Key Integrations:

  • PayPal, Authorize, Braintree
  • Amazon Web Services

Increased in Visits


Increased Conversion


Increased User Engagement

Email Marketing

We analyzed user behavior to create a personalized email experience while leveraging enterprise grade infrastructure to maximize deliverability and performance.

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